List of Nonprofits to Donate in Year 2021

October 22, 2020
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In our blog, we often tell about fundraising ideas, so that you can use them to gain money for your projects. You can look for them here and here. However, there are some worldwide organizations that also look for support. Below we have created a list of nonprofits, that to great charity work and would be happy if you support them.

List of organizations to donate to on the web:

Nonprofits For the environment:

  1. OCEANA is one of the largest worldwide ocean conservation organizations,its mission is to protect and restore the world’s oceans
  2. International Fund for Animal Welfareprevents animals’ extinction and protects their natural habitats
  3. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)fights against many environmental problems as climate change, renewable energy, wasting food, etc.
  4. The West Sound Wildlife Sheltertakes care of injured and sick wildlife animals

Nonprofits For the children:

  1. UNICEF is the most known non-profit organization providing various kinds of aids to the children worldwide
  2. Children on the Edgeworks with children, who happened to live on the streets
  3. Save the Childrenhelps to improve the lives of children by providing better education, health care and emergency aid
  4. Global Fund for Children invests in community-based organizations around the world to help children reach their full potential

Nonprofits For people with diseases:

  1. Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases develops innovative research collaborations to fight against chronic diseases
  2. Project HOPE delivers medical supplies and medical training to prevent diseases and save lives worldwide
  3. World Child Cancer supports children with cancer and their families
  4. UNAIDS mission is to end AIDS as a public health threat

Nonprofits For the elderly:

  1. HelpAge International helps elder people to lead active and secure lives
  2. Age International makes life easier for old people in the world’s poorest places

You are free to choose whatever you like and feel attached to. Even a small donation can make a great difference.

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