Igloo Fundraising Community Platform Review

October 22, 2020
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What is Igloo?

Today we are going to review Igloo.la service – a platform where you can fundraising both for non-profits and for-profits.

Igloo is a young platform, however, it has a lot of surprisingly useful and interesting features. Igloo.la’s idea is to collect funds either for donations or for your personal causes using cashback on your online purchases, ads views, and even for just searching the web.

Igloo has diverse functions. It functions as a website, browser extension, mobile apps at Google Play Store, and Apple Store.

We found Igloo browser extension extremely handy for shopping from a desktop. Once you install it, you will have Igloo as your homepage, where you can see the online stores which are partners to Igloo and discounts that they offer for Igloo users. Buying in these stores with Igloo extension turned on, automatically counts as a cashback. You can check the range of stores here. You will also see some ads that you can watch and get cashback.

Igloo Button Get Extension

Finally, you can search through Igloo search engine and every search will also be counted as an action for gaining cashback. You will see the amount of cashback you gained online at the top right corner of your homepage.

Initially, an igloo is a snow home that is built for shelter in snow to make you warm. So, Igloo platform is just like this igloo home, which serves as a shelter for small and large communities and charities.

How Igloo Fundraising  Platform Works:

Here how it works, firstly you should decide what type of campaign you are going to start.

It can be an individual campaign or a team campaign. If you have decided to go with an individual, then all the work and responsibility lies on you. Starting a group campaign, you have an option to create a united Igloo account for you and your friends, family, colleges to share the responsibilities and get more funds raised.

The thing with a group account is that if people are united under one Igloo account, all their actions online that are rewarded with a cashback are going to be summarized. For example, you and your neighbors create a shared Igloo project to collect money for an old and lonely lady that lives nearby, so that she can have all the needed medicine and food. Using the Igloo plug-in or website, you order, for instance, cleaning bundles via Amazon and gain a cashback for it. (Furthermore, you also buy it with a discount as Amazon is one of the stores that Igloo partners with.) This sum of money as well as the sum of money your neighbors have collected at the other shops compiles at your shared account. Once you reach your required amount you can cash it out via PayPal.

Igloo already has a lot of charity organizations to donate to right on their website. So, you will be able to transfer your cashback via Igloo right to a charity website.

Also, you can add there your own charities from our list.

How Do I Use Igloo?

Igloo is very easy to use; all you need to browse the website and get started. Find your favorite online store that offers deals and discounts. Shop what you need to buy and when you check out, your account will be credited with cashback by Igloo rather than money being withdrawn.

The steps are:

  • Sign up to Igloo: To join an Igloo, all you need to create your account and provide the necessary information.
  • Log in and click any online store link on the website or store icon at your homepage if you are using the plug-in. Find stores that are offering the best cashback deals and shop your required item. The cashback amount is put into your igloo account after the transaction processing.
  • You can withdraw money once you’ve reached the $15 threshold: Once you have $15 in your account, you can withdraw your cashback money.
  • Ask your group to join Igloo!

Benefits of Using Igloo Fundraising Platform

Igloo makes it easy not only to fundraise money for charity but also to save money while shop, so it is a completely win-win! You can also create your local community and pile up some money with your friends or with a group of people with the same interests.

Easy to use

One of the best things about Igloo is that it is easy to use. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to know how it works.

Create your own unique projects

At Igloo you can fundraise for anything at all. It is complete freedom in types of campaigns.

You do not have to spend money if you want to make a donation

When you are using Igloo then the best part is that you can save money for the things you already buy.  So don’t change your shopping habits and take advantage of Igloo.

To conclude:

Igloo is one of the most interesting fundraising platforms nowadays. It has a lot of different functions and can be used both for community management, fundraising for a charity, having discounts at online stores, and saving money for your personal goals. Do not miss the opportunity to try this service!

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