InboxDollars vs. Swagbucks Two Platforms to Get Money for Your Cause

February 18, 2021
InboxDollars vs. Swagbucks

Every visitor of our website is somehow interested in fundraising and crowdfunding. But sometimes it happens so a person wants to participate in collecting, money for a good cause but doesn’t have extra savings for it. In this situation gaining some money from the internet can help!

Let’s take the most common thing for everyone-browsing the web. You have probably seen these sites advertised that offer you cashback just for shopping online, survey sites, or some other tasks for cash. Most of them are legit and completely free!

Maybe you’ve been interested in trying them out. Perhaps you immediately dismissed them as scams. After all, why would a website offer free money? These sites are the real opportunity to collect money for fundraising. By taking surveys, shopping, watching videos and playing games, you are contributing to the market research. The companies pay the websites commissions when you perform certain tasks. The websites then pass a portion of the money on to you.  

There are many websites that work off this model. We want to review two of them: InboxDollars and Swagbucks. These websites are both completely free and legitimate.

All you need is to sign up and start earning rewards on different tasks. What kind of tasks these do sites offer you? What are the main differences between them? Read our comparison of InboxDollars vs Swagbucks.

What is InboxDollars? 

Inboxdollars platform was launched 20 years ago and has paid millions to its members throughout the US and UK.  Thanks to the site’s partnerships with popular companies, you can earn money on it.

Inboxdollars allows you to earn rewards for doing things you would normally do online, such as watch videos, read emails, play games, and browse the web.

Pros of InboxDollars 

-You’ll receive a sign-up bonus just for enrolling.

– Many site members assured that they really got paid.

– There are many ways to earn money. While some sites only offer cashback when you shop online, InboxDollars does offer extra cash plus you can do many other things as well to maximize your earnings.

-You get paid for each task. The rewards may be small, but by doing these simple tasks, the extra cash adds up.

-The money is delivered directly to your inbox. You can request money after earning $30.

-You can make good money by referring friends. You will make 10 percent of each referral’s earnings, which is 10 cents for every dollar. The more people you refer, the more you make.

-The site partners with big companies. Some of the rewards are large, like $10 for signing up for eBay or Netflix.

Cons of InboxDollars 

-The rewards are often small. Even if you’re very active on the site, getting to the $30 threshold can take months.

-Tasks are limited. You won’t be able to spend all day doing the same thing.

-You’ll get tons of emails every day, some of them can be spammy.

-A lot of users complained about not receiving money as soon as they wanted.

-You have to keep your account active. If you don’t log in for a few weeks, your account will be suspended and all your earnings could be lost for good.

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is a popular site with millions of members and more than two hundred million dollars paid out in cash and gift cards.

It is different from InboxDollars in that you are rewarded points instead of actual money. This may seem a bit complicated for some users, but you can convert these points into cash and prizes once you have earned enough.

A lot of people use the Swagbucks website to earn points for shopping online, since there are more than a thousand stores to choose from. You can also earn points in other ways, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, signing up for free samples and offers, and searching the web, etc.

Pros of Swagbucks 

-There are many ways to earn money at Swagbucks. You can shop online, take surveys, play games, watch videos and surf the internet. Swagbucks TV even offers you money to watch shows while the Swagbucks toolbar offers money for surfing the web.

-Swagbucks also offers swag codes, coupons, deals and other ways to save money when shopping online. You will receive the Swag codes and ways to earn money on the app or in your Swagbucks inbox.

-Receive a sign-up bonus of a thousand Swagbucks just for enrolling. This is equivalent to 10 dollars. However, in order to receive this sign-up bonus, you must spend 25 dollars at a featured store within 30 days of registration.

-The surveys are paid better than Inboxdollars.

-You can set Swagbucks as your search engine and earn rewards every time you browse the internet. All you need is just to add the Swagbucks toolbar to your browser.

Cons of Swagbucks 

-You are paid in Swagbucks, not real money. This can be confusing to many users, but basically 100 Swagbucks is worth $1.

-Some users took surveys or performed tasks and never got paid for them. Customer service tends to ignore these types of issues, which can be frustrating for users.

-If you want to get cash, you need to earn 2,500 Swagbucks. This gives you 25 dollars that you can get via PayPal. You can earn gift cards for less Swagbucks.

-Gift cards options are quite limited, there’s not a lot of variety there.

-Earning rewards may take plenty of your time. You earn Swagbucks very slowly.

Which Should You Choose? 

Now that you know more about what InboxDollars and Swagbucks offer, which one should you choose to use?

Both these sites have the same idea, where you earn rewards from doing various tasks. The main difference is that InboxDollars lets you earn extra money, while Swagbucks pays you in Swagbucks that can be converted to cash and gift cards. 

Either site would be a good choice for casual users, however, it is not an option for those who want to have some really good money.  So, if you are not limited, try to choose using both sites. You can double your chances of earning cashback and rewards for your future donations! If you want to know how to collect cashback for fundraising, read this article.

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