6 Steps to Write an Outstanding Fundraising Pitch for Your Community

October 21, 2020

Writing a successful and inspiring fundraising pitch is very important for every successful charity as they attract donors and supporters. To draw attention and funds to your community project you should learn how to inspire people to fundraise your project.  If you want to know more ideas to promote your community project, check it here.

A pitch is a brief explanation that describes your project, its goals, aims, and why it is important. It’s a great way to start a discussion with anybody about your idea.

A fundraising pitch helps to understand your nonprofit and its importance in a way that is catching and interesting, it also should be short and clear, in a few sentences.

Compressing your important and complicated work into just a few key points can be difficult when you’re introducing your community fundraising project to somebody for the first time. It can be especially difficult not to go into detail when you’ve worked so hard and are so passionate about your mission.

To make it easier here are several tips you probably should try to do.

1. Tell A Story via Your Fundraising Pitch

Instead of giving a boring explanation, you should be able to tell an engaging story about your goals and values. Treat it as you telling your sponsors how you can save the world with their help.

Follow up with an open-ended question to engage in conversation with your audience. Perhaps you can provide some simple statistics that are interesting to give them more proof.

Intrigue the audience, make sure they’re interested enough to ask more about you and your community.

2. Try to Stay Focus On Your Community’s Needs

Speak about what you and your community can do for your sponsors, not what they can do for you. Keeping this in mind, check your prospect talk whether it contains what donors are looking for. For example, they can be a group of people who want to run a joint event or it can be philanthropists who want to spread some of their hard-earned wealth. The needs of your donors should change your pitch to suit them.

3. Don’t Solely Focus on Problems

Most people don’t want to spend a lot of time reading about the problems that your project is trying to solve. Instead,  you should focus on how you can find a solution to those problems. In other words, what your charity/nonprofit can improve in this world. People usually smart enough to work out those details on their own.

4. Be Patient and Professional

Be quick, responsive, and clear in all your interactions with your sponsors. Don’t be afraid to follow-up if you don’t receive a reply initially.

Do not just reach out and ask for a huge donation. It works better if you warm up your donors to the idea of working with you and helping you. When writing a pitch, try to appeal to your readers as colleagues rather than potential donation funds.

5. Keep Your Fundraising Pitch Simple

Do not be too clever by half with your donation pitch. Keep it down to a simple message: who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how the person you’re speaking to can help. That’s all you need to say – quick, easy, and to-the-point.

If you beat around the bush too much, it can scare the potential sponsors away.

6. Use Understandable Language

Stay away from using jargon. Don’t expect your audience to be experts in your field. Keep it light and simple to understand for everyone.

To sum up:

You can always rewrite and improve your pitch after testing it a few times. In fact, your pitch can and should be continuously adapted as you field test it. In fact the more mistakes you make, the more quickly you learn. Here you can find more useful tips about writing for your fundraising campaigns.

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