Great Fundraising Ideas for Community Projects

October 21, 2020

Community fundraising is a great way to unite your circle to support a good cause. It can be really difficult to fund community projects without the help of grants, so crowdfunding provides a simple and effective way to raise money for your community. So, let’s think about the best fundraising goals and create a special fundraising project to meet everyone’s needs.

Community projects fundraising ideas

1. Share your project on social media

Write a compelling story on your fundraiser donation page that describes why you’re raising funds and how your project will directly benefit the community.

As soon as you launch your fundraising project, share it on social media to gain the hugest recognition. Also note that to get a maximum of donations, you should share all your publications gradually and continuously, not all at once.

2. Organize offline fundraising events

Creating offline events to get fundraising can boost donations significantly. Successful and profitable events require thoughtful preparation. You can get started with this:

  • Host an event like a bake sale or a special dinner to raise awareness around your community project.
  • Tell participants of the event about the cause you are supporting, ask them to know more, and to donate to your project during this event.
  • Create a special QR-code or install an app to accept donations easier both for you and your guests.

You can find more ideas about offline events here.

3. Sponsor group events

Sponsored events such as bike rides and marathons are proven fundraising methods to gather money.

Best tips for this are:

  • Organize an event at weekend, when most people are available to participate.
  • Distribute promo materials like flyers to raise awareness amongst the community.
  • Start a campaign on social media, for example, create a Facebook event page, and invite neighbors, friends, and family.
  • Ask sponsors to make their donations directly to your fundraiser.
  • Share the successes of your event by posting updates, photos, and videos. If it is a success,  think about making it an annual event.

4. Ask local businesses to help with donations

Get acquainted with your local businesses, and ask them to participate in your community projects. For example, one dollar from a purchase at the local shop can be transferred to your donations account. This can help raise money directly from businesses and motivate people to buy more from local businesses. Partnering with local businesses can also add legitimacy to your community project.

5. Collect donations at schools

Asking students to help community projects encourages them to become socially involved. It also inspires their families to raise more donations. You should necessarily get the school’s permission to put your promotional and educational materials in the school’s building. Ask student volunteers to collect donations from family and friends. See if the school is willing to host a donation jar in their building.

6. Focus on the long-term perspectives for your community projects

Last, but not least, focus on developing trust and foster long-term involvement within your community, This is one of the keys to the successful launch of a new fundraising project continuously.

Gather information from a wide range of people during the planning phase. Identify your community’s current and ongoing goals. Spend some time to explore all possible options for the community project. Think about talking with the officials and public agencies for help.

To conclude:

Community fundraisers can build awareness, develop long-lasting relationships between community members, which will encourage the continued involvement of members of community issues in the future.

Hope you found these fundraising ideas for community projects useful and helpful for building your own successful project. If you want to learn more about how to fundraise money for your community project, for example, how to ask for donations, you can find it here.

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