Igloo.la platform vs. Facebook Fundraising Compared

November 16, 2020
Facebook vs Igloo

We are continuing to tell you about the best services for fundraising. Today we are going to review and compare Igloo.la fundraising platform and Facebook Fundraising.


What is it?

Igloo claims itself to be a platform, that combines the benefits of fundraising service, cashback website, and community management tool.

The idea of Igloo is to collect money jointly with your community using cashback on your online purchases, ads views, and even just searching the web. If you want to know how it works in detail, read this article about the Igloo review.

The name Igloo comes from the name of is a snow home of Eskimo people. Igloo is built for shelter in snow to make you warm. So, the idea of the Igloo platform is just like this igloo home, which serves as a shelter for small and large communities and charities that gather together.

Types of campaigns:

At Igloo.la both non-profit and individual campaigns are available. You can collect money for your favorite non-profit (the sum will be accumulated at your personal Igloo account) or collect money for your own cause. It can be anything, for example, a vacation for your whole family. The thing is at Igloo you have an opportunity to get some money without asking someone to donate, but by yourself just performing certain activities.

It also can be an individual campaign or a team campaign. If you have decided to go with an individual, then all the work and responsibility lies on you. Starting a group campaign, you have an option to create a united Igloo account for you and your friends, family, colleges to share the responsibilities and get more funds raised.

Facebook Fundraising

What is it?

Facebook launched fundraising to raise money for nonprofits, causes, and personal needs. Now it also allows businesses or public persons to donate to campaigns.

Being a nonprofit, you can get funds directly from Facebook. If you are an individual then your donations will be sent to your personal checking account via Stripe. (Online payment processing for internet businesses)

Types of Campaigns:

So, there are two types of fundraisers on Facebook: Personal and Non-profit. Personal Fundraisers collect money for their own causes, for example, raising money for your little sister to have the opportunity to enter the university. Nonprofit fundraisers work with charities and raise money for their various causes.

The important difference between personal and nonprofit fundraisers is that you won’t be able to use personal fundraisers to raise money for a nonprofit. Hence, if you are going to raise money for a non-profit, be sure to create a non-profit fundraiser.

Igloo.la or Facebook Fundraising?

It is difficult to tell which platform is the best, as both of them have their pros and cons. Facebook Fundraising is very easy to use, however, the same can be said about Igloo. Both platforms let you start non-profit fundraising and collecting money for your own cause.

However, comparing customer service, Igloo is a clear winner. At Facebook, there is no customer service hotline. So it is very difficult to speak to a real person if you have a concern. Nevertheless, Igloo customer service is very quick and always user friendly.

We recommend using Igloo instead of Facebook Fundraising as it is one of the most interesting fundraising platforms nowadays.

It has a lot of different functions and can be used both for community management, fundraising for a charity, having discounts at online stores, and saving money for your personal goals. Do not miss the opportunity to try this service!

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