GoFundMe Website vs. Facebook Fundraising Platform Compared

November 5, 2020
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Can’t decide which fundraising platform is better to use for your campaign? It is difficult to choose as there are lots of them. If you still have no idea, check our article about the best 9 crowdfunding websites. 

However, today we are going to compare such popular platforms as GoFundme and Facebook Fundraising.

GoFundme Fundraising Platform

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform created to help individuals or communities to deal with the financial aspects of their issues. GoFundMe is a place where you can get support for your cause. 

GoFundMe is a website, that helps you to raise money online. Nowadays they have more than 50 million donors all around the world. You can read more about the GoFundme website here.

As it follows, this website can be used to raise money from friends, family, and strangers interested in supporting your cause. You will be able to customize your campaign page so it can better suit yourself.

GoFundMe Fees

There is no platform fee at GoFundme. However, there is a standard payment processing fee. At GoFundMe there is a 2.9% plus $0.30 fee per donation.  You can read more about GoFundme fees in this article.

Instead of asking personal crowdfunding campaign managers to pay a fee, the website gives donors the option to leave a voluntary tip on top of their donation.

The additional benefits are that there are no fees to sign up and create a campaign. There are no fees to withdraw money.

GoFundMe Guarantee

GoFundme has a special program to secure the process of gaining and transferring money. It is called GoFundMe Guarantee. GoFundme Guarantee works only in several countries, the list of them can be found here.

Under this guarantee program, the donors can have up to $1,000 as a refund in case of misuse of funds.

Misuse can be claimed when:

  • The fundraiser didn’t deliver funds to the beneficiary
  • The fundraising description was intentionally misleading
  • The person running a beneficiary was charged with a crime related to campaign misrepresentations.

Misuse won’t be covered if:

  • There was a donation refund to your own fundraiser
  • You want to take donation back
  • You want to have an offline donation refund
  • There were personal disagreements with the beneficiary or organizer

The website will also cover up to $25,000 in case the organizer fails to deliver the funds raised on your behalf.

GoFundMe Platform Reach

Being a part of GoFundMe also gives you an opportunity to reach the platform. If you have an inspiring story that catches attention, GoFundme may assist you with enlarging the reach of your message.

For example, they can include you in their newsletter, write a post about your campaign on their website, share posts on social media.

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook launched fundraising to raise money for nonprofits, causes, and personal needs. Now it also allows businesses or public persons to donate to campaigns.

Being a nonprofit, you can get funds directly from Facebook. If you are an individual then your donations will be sent to your personal checking account via Stripe. (Online payment processing for internet businesses)

Facebook Fees

Nowadays there are no fees both for charities and individuals at Facebook. However, this works not for all countries, in fact, Facebook Fundraising is not supported in a lot of regions. To find out whether you can create a fundraising campaign at Facebook Fundraising, you should check your region on the website.

Personal fundraisers are still charged and there can be taxes in some countries. The rates differ from region to region.

Facebook Platform Reach

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. So it is clear that there is great potential for spreading information about your project.

Facebook shows in your newsfeed which of your friends have donated to fundraising campaigns, seeing the other’s impact, makes you more likely to do so as well. You can also easily look through the most popular fundraisers across Facebook.

Facebook collects a lot of data from its users, so it recommends you to donate to the charities that you will be more likely to be interested in.

GoFundMe vs. Facebook- Which Is Better for You?

GoFundMe has more functions and opportunities to create and customize your project. It works with a lot of countries, whereas the number of countries is very limited to Facebook Fundraising. Nevertheless, Facebook is very low cost and therefore easy to start a project.

If you can’t decide which platform to choose for your fundraising campaign, you also have an opportunity to try other platforms for fundraising. For example, new and fast-developing Igloo. la platform. You can read a review here.

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