How To Make a Successful Community Event Using Crowdfunding

November 22, 2020

Do you want to know how to organize a great community event?

There are plenty of opportunities, but we are going to talk about crowdfunding your events.

Instead of just selling tickets, you can use a crowdfunding platform like Igloo for your event. The list of the best crowdfunding platforms for it can see here.

That means you can win some support and offer perks that a traditional ticket selling site won’t let you do. Despite the fact that this is more challenging, it is also a more rewarding opportunity.

Here are some strategies to use for crowdfunding an event.

Strategy 1: Not Only Tickets

The great difference between crowdfunding and selling tickets for an event is in the rewards system

You should be able to expand options of participating in the event from just tickets to items like shirts, notebooks, etc. that are related to the event. It will help to increase the popularity and awareness of your upcoming event.

Strategy 2: Community Building

If you manage to create a community for the event, you will be able to gather such events continuously as you will have a loyal audience for it.
Be transparent with your community and ask members to stand behind the project.

It is also important to thank the supporters during the whole process of crowdfunding. People will be delighted and probably would recommend your community event to their friends, families, or colleague.

Strategy 3: Acquire sponsors

The more the campaign is showing success, the more leverage it will have for attracting sponsors to provide larger contributions to the campaign.

Be focused on engaging sponsors as a part of the campaign in a meaningful way. Mention them on social media and on your website. Sponsors may be able to cross-promote the campaign to gain more supporters.

Do not forget to get confirmed speakers early. The earlier you have the lineup of sponsors, the faster you can begin promoting your campaign.

Strategy 4: Plan and prepare your crowdfunding for the event

Sometimes, in crowdfunding campaigns, you will notice a rise in money donations only in the last weeks before the event. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should not worry if you see a small interest amongst donors and supporters. You should spend effort on the community combining it with PR campaigns. Personal communications with the community can make even a greater impact than social media.

To sum up:

With plenty of hard work, intense learning, and support from community members, you will be able to organize a great community event!

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