How To Set up a Donation Page Page at GoFundMe

October 21, 2020

If you have decided to try yourself in fundraising, you might be wondering how to create a donation page that will inspire others to give. If you are also interested in how to write an inspiring pitch to collect money for your charity or project, read this article.

Whatever your cause is, it is very important to set up a donation page that inspires people to join you. As every new project is easier with some solid guidance, here are the best fundraising tips for GoFundMe fundraising platform to get you started.

What platform is the best for your project?

With the rising popularity of crowdfunding and fundraising, there are lots of fundraising websites to choose from. So how do you know which platform is perfect for you and your cause? If you’re still unsure about how to choose a platform for your personal donation website, maybe you should take a look at the GoFundMe vs Indiegogo. 

Begin with a great donation page title

First of all, you should create a catchy title. Your fundraiser title should capture the attention of potential supporters both on social media channels, in emails, and also in text messages. A memorable title at GoFundMe will definitely encourage people to click your link and read your story.

Proceed with a story that inspires people to give

A fundraiser story should be both detailed and compelling, that is how it will encourage people to support your cause.

Probably, you want to get your donation page at GoFundMe done as quickly as possible and begin the project, but it’s important to take some time to craft the most meaningful description possible.

Your fundraiser description should cover some critical questions. A simple guide to it is the who, what, when, why, and how of your situation. So, your story should answer the following questions:

  • For whom you are gathering money
  • What are the difficulties with this issue
  • When do you need the funds
  • Why you need the help of supporters
  • How can the supporters help you

Add media to make your page brighter

Visual content can be a big power in telling your story. Adding photos or videos will encourage people to know more about your cause and to trust it. Make sure, that your media at GoFundMe is of good quality. Also do not forget to choose photos and videos that really convey your personality and appeal to your project.

Choose a goal that makes sense

Thinking about your fundraising goal, usually, it is better to start with a small one and to increase it.

Reasonable fundraising goals may encourage people to give, while hefty goals might make people feel like their donation won’t count for much. You can increase your fundraising goal at any time as you can also keep all of the donations you receive, even if you don’t meet your fundraising goal.

Share with your inner circle first

It is interesting to know that in the first few days fundraiser can greatly influence his or her future success. Before you promote your fundraising project to a wide audience, it’s better to share it with a few close friends and ask for their feedback.

People tend to give more likely if other people have already donated. So this strategy will ensure you have a few solid donations before you share your fundraiser with everyone over social media.

You can start by sending personal fundraising letters to your friends. This will help bring in a few initial donations even before you share your project with the whole world.

Develop your sharing plan

Sharing is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a fundraising campaign. You certainly should share your donation page widely and raise awareness for your cause. That will encourage your network to support you.

Social media are one of the easiest and most effective ways to let the world know about your cause. The other way to share is to create a fundraiser hashtag. Such a hashtag makes it easy for people to find your social media posts and interact with them.

Be thankful to your supporters

When you’re busy with setting up your account and running a campaign, it’s sometimes easy to forget to thank your supporters. But showing gratitude is very important in this case.  After all, without the help of donors, your fundraiser wouldn’t be possible.

Thanking your donors is also key to building a community that stays engaged and dedicated to your cause. Sometimes it can even lead to more donations.  So, write a thank you letter to your supporters and they will pay you back.

Don’t forget to make updates

Updates are a simple way to keep your donors aware of what is going on with the project. And if your campaign stalls, updates can help to run it again.

You can just post a photo and its description to explain the recent development of your project.  You can also use updates to thank and praise special donors. Once you’ve mastered how to write a fundraising update, you can aim to post one about once a week.

To sum up:

Now you are ready to start your own fundraising campaign. Use these tips to make it a great one!

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