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99Pledges Fundraising Platform Review. Update for the Year 2021

What is it?

According to 99Pledges website, it is a platform to help you raise more money while simplifying your life. 99Pledges is used by schools, colleges, sports teams, etc. to manage their fundraising events like walkathons. In other words, to increase their results while virtually eliminating the related administrative burden.

99Pledges was started almost 10 years ago by people who were passionate about fundraising. The founders of the project had over 15 years of technology start-up experience, that is why it was a success. The initial idea was to help various kinds of communities and groups to find options to raise funds online.

How does it work?

The process of raising money at 99 pledges is very simple. Firstly, you need to create a participant page for your group and add participants. In this way website is very much alike service. Each participant of the group will automatically get their own donation page. After that, you will be able to share your project with anyone you want to via email, Facebook, and Twitter to gain more participants and supporters. Collect funds by Paypal to boost your efforts on the web and track progress to make fundraising fun and competitive. Once you gather the full sum, 99 pledges will send your money to you in 24 hours after your fundraiser ends.


Important Features

99Pledges has some great features to simplify the process of fundraising online. Such as participant tracking to track individual and the whole group progress. Social sharing capabilities for participants to easily share the fundraiser they’re supporting.

99Pledges’ tools allow quick and easy creation of social fundraisers, making them accessible for fundraisers of any skill level.


99Pledges has no minimum raise requirements, it is completely free until donations are made. Once you begin raising funds, you can keep 100% of those made through cash or check and 90% of those made online.

To sum up:

If you have a great fundraising idea in your mind, 99Pledges is the perfect way to get donations for a variety of different fundraisers. If you’re looking for some ideas, their website can offer fundraising ideas that work well with their platform.